What to Include in Your Incident Response Plan

What to Include in Your Incident Response Plan

安全事件可以在很短的时间内摧毁组织的声誉和收入. As billionaire Warren Buffet once said, “it takes 20 years to develop a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Keeping that in mind, 在发生安全漏洞之前,最好有一个适当的事件响应计划.

事故响应计划是一组指示,旨在促进组织进行检测, responding to and 从网络安全事故中恢复,如网络犯罪,数据丢失和服务中断. 有一个适当的计划有助于网络安全的发展和整体组织的弹性.

Since most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have limited resources and funds, incident response is usually given less attention. However, 当网络攻击发生时,如果不能迅速有效地做出反应,所付出的代价可能远远超过制定事故应对计划.

Essential Elements of an Incident Response Plan


有效地评估威胁,决定是否实施事件响应计划是至关重要的. This requires two prerequisites:

  • An authorized person to initiate the plan
  • An online/offline place for the incident response team to meet and discuss

The sooner the incident is detected and addressed, the less severe the impact.


In case of a cyber event, 事件响应小组通常会有应急包,并拥有以下资源来帮助处理事件:

  • Tools to take all machines offline after forensic analysis
  • 规范对组织IT环境的访问并将黑客排除在网络之外的bt365注册真人平台
  • Measures to employ standby machines to ensure operational continuity

Roles and Responsibilities

An incident could occur in the middle of the night or at an unexpected time. 这就是为什么建立事件响应团队成员的角色和责任是至关重要的. They could be called in at any time. 您还必须有一个后备团队,以防任何主要联系人不可用.


Detection and Analysis

毫无疑问,这是事故应对计划中最关键的元素之一. It emphasizes documenting everything, from how an incident is detected to how to report, analyze and contain the threat. 目的是创建一个剧本,包括检测和分析广泛范围的风险的方法.

Containment, Eradication and Recovery

Considerations for an Incident Response Plan

事故响应计划必须解决在不断变化的威胁环境中产生的任何问题. Before you start crafting your plan, there are several considerations to be made, including:

  • Building an incident response plan should not be a one-off exercise. 应该定期审查它,以确保它考虑到可能影响您的组织的最新技术和环境变化.
  • 你们的事故响应计划和执行该计划的团队必须得到最高管理层的支持和指导.
  • 记录关键人员的联系信息对于紧急通信至关重要.
  • Every person in the incident response team must maintain accountability.
  • 部署适当的工具和程序,以提高事故响应的有效性.
  • Your security, backup and compliance postures must all be given the same attention.

我们生活在这样一个时代,只有有韧性的组织才能驾驭由技术进步和其他意想不到的外部影响造成的所有复杂性. That’s why having an incident response plan is essential.

尝试开发和部署事件响应计划可能超出了您在运行组织时的能力范围. 与我们这样的专家合作可以减轻你的负担,让你有专家站在你这边. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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