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停止猜测为什么你的系统比它应该的慢. Allow the SQL performance tuning experts at LG Networks to identify 和 resolve deadlocks, un-optimized索引, 缓存设置, 文件/表格布局, 和模式设计在您的SQL Server系统.

Stop buying faster hardware in an attempt to mask the inefficiencies of sub-optimal system design. Quit worrying that your data 和 systems are not entirely safe from unauthorized external or internal use. 确保您的备份和恢复过程是最佳的和真正工作. LG Networks knows how to find 和 resolve your system bottlenecks 和 security holes with great efficiency 和 expertise while saving money for your bottom line.

Engage us for an audit of your production SQL Server database design 和 we will perform the following analysis:

  • 使用性能监视器识别SQL Server硬件瓶颈
  • 检查服务器硬件性能
  • 检讨操作系统表现
  • 检查SQL Server配置
  • 检查数据库配置设置
  • 审计指标性能
  • 审计应用程序和Transact-SQL性能
  • 使用分析器识别性能差的查询
  • SQL查询、SQL调优和SQL语句

We will perform the work for this engagement remotely 和 schedule phone discussions with our US-based staff at the onset 和 conclusion. 当我们通过电话提交调查报告时, we will review them with you in detail 和 jointly determine if there are items we identified that you would like us to review more deeply, or if you would like us to remediate any issue or assist in performing any of our recommendations.

SQL Server性能调优专家服务

CPU利用率达到了最高点? 磁盘I/O级别是否上升? 你认为你需要购买更快的硬件吗? 系统是否因为阻塞、超时或死锁而变慢? It only takes a short engagement with us 和 minor changes to achieve optimal SQL Server performance.

Very often it is simply that better indexes solve the largest performance problems with no application changes. System performance improves dramatically with the right mix of multi-column indexes. Complex queries run slow when the wrong query plans are used because of inaccurate optimizer estimates. 索引改进和较小的T-SQL重写解决了这些问题. Application code problems cause slowdowns 和 timeouts: data type mismatches, 服务器端游标, 结果集, 执行计划, 长时间锁和SQL Server函数使用了错误的方式. Call our SQL Tuning Server 性能 Experts for solutions to your performance problems.

SQL Server - 大型企业bt365注册真人平台的性能

Microsoft SQL Server provides a comprehensive data platform that can grow with your business. SQL Server is packed with technologies to scale-up individual servers 和 scale-out

  • 性能
    Leverage the high performance of SQL Server to meet the high dem和s of your database applications 和 IT infrastructure.
  • 按比例增加
    Take advantage of the latest advancements delivered with SQL Server in hardware technology to grow with your business.
  • 向外扩展
    Support very large database systems by leveraging SQL Server scale-out technologies to distribute its load 和 data retrieval efficiently.


  • 与资源总监一起控制资源分配.
  • 进行故障排除, 调优, monitor SQL Server 2008 instances across the enterprise with 性能 Data Collector.
  • Build high-performance analysis solutions with scalability 和 performance enhancements in SQL Server Analysis 服务.
  • Take advantage of on-dem和 processing 和 improves performance with the re-engineered reporting engine for SQL Server Reporting 服务.
  • 增加提取, 变换, load (ETL) performance in SQL Server Integration 服务 with scalable lookup tasks.
  • 查询优化和查询性能