Consulting bt365注册真人平台 for end-to-end Virtualization with Microsoft Products.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of technologies to virtualize servers, 应用程序, 和台式电脑. Since these virtualization solutions from Microsoft are relatively new, its important that you find a partner with verifiable real world experience with them. LG Networks has successfully deployed Microsoft virtualization solutions for our early-adopter clients. We are also one of the first Gold Certified Partners to be awarded a Virtualization Competency from Microsoft.

Virtualization scenario Microsoft solutions Benefits

•Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V • Provide the virtual operating system that facilitates consolidated infrastructure, 应用程序, branch office server workloads with rapid deployment 和 provisioning.
服务器虚拟化 •微软系统中心 Virtual Machine Manager 2007 •管理主机配置, 创建虚拟机, 图书馆管理, 智能虚拟机布局, 监控, 快速复苏, 自我配置, 和自动化.
•微软系统中心 • Seamlessly manage virtual 和 physical server environments with existing, 熟悉, 物理服务器管理工具.
•微软虚拟电脑 • Host 应用程序 not compatible with desktop operating systems.
桌面虚拟化 微软VDI • Simplify desktop images by decoupling 应用程序 layer from image, reduce 应用程序-to-应用程序 conflicts.
•微软终端服务 • Virtualize the presentation of entire desktops.
应用程序虚拟化 •SoftGrid应用虚拟化 • Virtualize 应用程序 和 deliver them as an on-dem和, streaming service to desktop users.
•微软终端服务 • Virtualize the presentation of 应用程序.
•Windows Server®终端服务 • Consolidate 应用程序 和 data in a central location for compliance 和 security, while providing broad access for local 和 remote users.