Expert Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Migration Consultants in the DFW

来自bt365注册真人平台的Exchange Server 2010迁移团队将帮助您的组织升级到最新版本——Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. As part of the Microsoft Partner Program, 我们的顾问在最佳实践和消息系统升级方面受过良好的培训. We are regularly briefed on all Exchange Server 2010 updates, knowledge base 和 technet articles, can assure a seamless upgrade of your messaging system. When considering a migration to Exchange Server 2010, consider that our Exchange服务器顾问 are sought after across the US; that this strong consulting team is available during non-business hours; 和 that we have great client references.

Benefits of Upgrading to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Cross-Premises邮件路由 微软举例说,有一所学校希望为员工使用校内电子邮件,为学生提供外部托管服务. We have deployed Exchange in many schools that would love to do exactly that, as well as some large enterprises that want to retain highly available, 将关键邮件服务放在一个系统中,将非关键用户转移到其他更便宜的平台上.

增强的免责声明 Immediately solves the problem of customers wanting to include links, 图片, 或者使用AD属性动态生成免责声明,并不得不转向第三方商业选项来实现这一点.

减少运输 这个功能解决了保护分发列表不被不当使用的问题,同时又不完全屏蔽重要的电子邮件.

减少IOPS 对可扩展存储引擎(ESE)的改进使磁盘IOPS要求比Exchange Server 2007降低了70%, making Exchange storage sizing a much simpler 和 less costly exercise. 在与微软的一次讨论中,他们勾勒出了一个1TB SATA II磁盘(没有RAID)的存储布局,每个磁盘承载一个数据库,供数百(或数千)个用户使用.

高可用性 对高可用性(现在称为“持续可用性”)的增强是非常引人注目的, with Database Availability Groups (DAG) providing per-database failover capabilities, making failover scenarios more efficient 和 easier to plan for.

Seamless邮箱移动 通过将MAPI连接抽象到Client Access Server层,可以在不中断客户机连接的情况下在后端数据库上移动邮箱. Obviously this makes scheduling of any mailbox move scenario a much easier task.

New Features in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 brings a new 和 rich set of technologies, 特性, services to the Exchange Server product line. 下面是Exchange 2010中包含的新特性和功能的列表,它提供了升级时使用的重要信息, 迁移, 部署, administering Exchange 2010 in your organization.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) support for Multiple Browsers Support for different browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 和 more.

改善存储可靠性 New ability to run Exchange reliably without dealing with Windows clustering, RAID阵列, or fancy Enterprise-class disk. It will be cheap to save or restore/ recover data 和 quick too.

邮件提示 邮件提示是一个程序,它告诉你可能的错误,你将通过发送电子邮件给某人,你不打算. 邮件提示 helps you by warning you in advance 和 giving you tips.

对话视图 Users can now view threaded conversations under one single node when exchanging messages.

分享 This is another feature that allows to share a lot of things effectively. Exchange Server 2010 has two new main properties to share:

  • 日历共享. You can share calendars to federated users by OWA.
  • 交流分享. You can share contacts very easily now.

语音邮件预览 Users will now have a text preview of your voice mail messages.

外汇控制面板(ECP) Get self-serviced tasks that before required administrators intervention.

重要的安全 微软已经超越了典型的或传统的安全基准,并幻想在Exchange服务器程序中有一些非常酷的功能. 如果你是一个组织的领导者,你会很高兴地知道微软已经引入了如下功能:

  • Mobile Device Block/Allow List. 只阻塞/取消阻塞特定的设备,帮助您有一个安全的硬件监控方式.
  • 保护语音邮件. 你现在可以保护语音邮件,跟踪它们,并限制它们无论如何不能离开组织.
  • 前景保护规则. Automatically triggers Outlook to apply an RMS template to a message before it is sent.

分配组管理 根据您的选择和喜好创建、修改和访问不同的分发组. 这将有助于更精确地与合适的人在同一屋檐下合作,这将自动提高效率,而不是单独联系特定的人.

其他人 SATA support now involving I/O optimization, JDBO支持, incoming voice mail reception 和 multi-mailbox search

对bt365注册真人平台’ Expert Exchange Server 2010 Migration Consultants

如果您需要在精心策划的约定中将您的Exchange Server升级到新的Exchange Server 2010, our Exchange Server Migration Experts will seamlessly upgrade your email server. 我们的Exchange Server 2010迁移专业人员在使用Exchange Server最佳实践部署了大量消息传递系统后,获得了深入的经验. 与我们bat365在线注册的交换服务器升级专家联系,以获得免费的评估.