Internet信息服务运行状况检查| IIS调优

IIS健康检查 LG Networks’ IIS Consultants offer an IIS健康检查 that proactively diagnoses 和 analyzes the data collected in order to make recommendations based on best practices for your IIS environment.


The Internet Information 服务 (IIS) Health Check provides insights into the health of your IIS environment. This engagement uses a number of tools to collect data 和 statistics about the most important 和 critical aspects of your IIS environment. The goal of this health check is to proactively diagnose 和 analyze the data collected to make recommendations based on best practices for your IIS environment. 这可以帮助您使用最佳实践并避免将来可能出现的问题. The tools used are low impact 和 only collect information about IIS default setting, 体系结构, 性能和管理. 这些工具以只读方式运行,不会对服务器进行更改. 健康检查数据收集由bt365注册真人平台公司执行. 现场工程师现场. 数据分析可能在访问后完成. Documentation, reports 和 prescriptive guidance are provided to your staff based on the findings. 后续日期可根据要求提供.


The IIS健康检查 is designed for senior IT staff members 和 engineers in charge of supporting 和 managing your IIS environment. The IIS健康检查 is available only for Premier Support customers 和 provides guidance at many levels of your organization. 你是否为CIO, 中层IT经理, 或IT管理员, you can receive support 和 guidance to help you increase your operational efficiency, 系统正常运行时间最大化, 并降低成本. 这可以导致更有效地使用互联网信息服务.


IIS运行状况检查与bt365注册真人平台公司一起使用了行业最佳实践.组织的知识. By sharing our internal expertise, we hope to help you reach your ideal performance goals.


The Health Check Program helps expose vulnerabilities in your IIS infrastructure 和 operational processes. 解决此问题后,可以改善正常运行时间并降低支持成本. 诊断揭示原因, 不只是症状, 帮助你采取积极主动的方法来减少问题. 这包括帮助识别问题, to optimize productivity 和 uncovering potential issues before they affect users 和 drive up support costs.


The program provides possible solutions for each of the risks identified to assist you in operating an enterprise IIS 部署. 你可以接受操作, 配置, architectural recommendations aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your IIS servers.


在接触, your organization’s participants are provided with information that can help you to take action 和 optimize your production IIS environment. 提供的信息可以帮助您:

  • 在症状或潜在问题影响生产之前识别它们.
  • 检查关键流程以在灾难恢复期间实现最小的停机时间.
  • 使用实际的建议.
  • Internet信息服务运行状况检查


  • 了解IIS的功能以及如何排除故障.
  • 识别可能对用户产生不利影响的警告或红旗.
  • 了解管理员常见的问题和错误.
  • 理解可支持性最佳实践.



  • 性能基线-识别可能的瓶颈
  • General IIS tuning 和 environment specific 配置–registry 和 metabase settings
  • 网站和虚拟目录—ssl、安全和Web应用程序设置
  • 流程隔离模式—可靠性与性能
  • 通用COM +配置
  • HTTP.系统堆栈(如果适用)
  • TCP / IP设置
  • 事件日志
  • Security–recommendation of specific tools as applicable (like IISLockdown 和 URLScan)
  • 提高IIS性能,IIS管理器,IIS日志,IIS 7.5
  • 响应时间, 物理内存, 内存使用情况, 性能监控, 数量限制, 队列长度, 的请求数量, http请求, 应用程序池
  • 动态内容,静态内容


  • 备份与恢复、灾难恢复策略和其他保护
  • 记录实践


  • General 体系结构 review considering performance 和 reliability of the servers involved
  • Communication between IIS 和 servers–performance, reliability, security evaluation
  • Communication between clients 和 IIS–performance, reliability, security evaluation


  • 关键架构点的评估:WinDNA, 配置, 身份验证, 部署, 和其他元素
  • ASP / ASP.NET配置(注册表和计算机配置设置)


数据分析和报告完成此运行状况检查后, a report is provided with the findings 和 recommendations to ensure the health of your organization’s IIS environment. 收集到的信息经过分析后,在报告中提出建议. Any critical problems found can be discussed to determine the next course of action. 如果时间和内部流程延迟了问题的解决, 援助可以安排在稍后的日期. Our IIS Tuning consultants can also provide a scorecard including different aspects of the health of your IIS environment.


The mission of our IIS Tuning Consultants is to help ensure that you get the most out of your IT investments. 你是否想要提高你的底线, 提高生产效率, 或者利用技术来实现新的商业机会, 我们准备提供帮助. 从业务支持到战略咨询, we offer a full range of technical support services for any stage in your IT lifecycle.