How Your Business Can Benefit From 高级威胁防护(ATP)


Traditional anti virus 和 package is dated approach to protect against cyber attack in the modern world. Modern cyber attack leverage multiple attack vectors 和 techniques that beyond traditional antivirus package protection that work in the past. 现代世界是一个杠杆化的世界 高级威胁防护(ATP). There are many benefits of 高级威胁防护(ATP) in a software solution. The primary benefit offered by 先进的威胁保护 software is the ability to prevent, 检测, respond to new 和 sophisticated attacks that are designed to circumvent traditional security solutions such as antivirus, 防火墙, 和IPS / id. 攻击的目标越来越明确, 隐形, 和持续的, ATP solutions take a proactive approach to security by identifying 和 eliminating advanced threats before data is compromised.



  • 通过行为分析快速检测威胁– proprietary algorithm pinpoints suspicious activities in your systems
  • Adapt as fast as your attackers- adjusts to reflect the changes in rapidly-evolving enterprises by continuously-learning behavioral analytics
  • Focus on only important events- determines important events worth focusing on 和 investigating, 根据时间轴
  • Reduce false positive fatigue- filters 和 receives receipts only after suspicious activity is contextually aggregated 和 verified
  • Prioritize 和 plan– provides recommendations for investigation 和 remediation for each suspicious activity
  • 不断更新, Learn what’s new with Office 365 高级威胁防护(ATP)


Enterprises that implement 先进的威胁保护 (ATP) are better able to 检测 threats early 和 more quickly formulate a response to minimize damage 和 recover should an attack occur. 一个好的安全供应商 will focus on the lifecycle of an attack 和 manage threats in real-time, ie in more systematic 和 holistic manner base on modern evolution of the cyber attack. ATP providers notify the enterprise of attacks that have occurred, 攻击的严重性, the response that was initiated to stop the threat in its tracks or minimize data loss. 无论是内部管理还是作为服务提供, 先进的威胁保护 (ATP) solutions secure critical data 和 systems, no matter where the attack originates or how major the attack or potential attack is perceived.